web漫画 STAR DESTINY スターデスティニー

※「カテゴリー」から読んでね。※I read from the " category " web comic .Favorite page will share please SNS if there .web漫画?ラノベマンガ?絵本?そんな形式の無料ウェブ漫画です。web comic ? Light novel ? Picture book ? It is a free web comic of such format .



Gold prime was easily defeated

The new leader has decided to KR-9PP!

After the voting results came out ,
Overload had spoke to Gold prime
It was a short term , but you did well
KOs of strategy , the survival rate of soldiers also a top class
You will get used to executives if you go this remains
However , your way does not seem to match the Lightnia of temperament
Not only people in personality foreign matter to adhere to the serious and rules
I also I was hoping they'll change people , but ...
It seems was not the case this time
It might be necessary to people Unfortunately think a little time


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Fire HD 10 タブレット 16GB、ブラック